Photo by: Jackie Dives

I am Robyn. I am a Canadian writer and photographer currently based in Guadalajara, Mexico. I mostly write about culture, mental health and gender.  My core skill sets combine researching complex subjects and data analysis under a seamless narrative.


Outside of my writing hat, my professional experience lies in project management and consulting. I have worked in Finance and Tech as a project manager and consultant for over 12 years. I am MBA educated, and I also have a degree in applied mathematics. My goal is to tell emotional human stories that matter. I am also interested in media innovation, and how technology can bridge gaps in news-making and storytelling. 


I recently had a mid-life crisis and started a second Masters degree program - journalism at New York University.  Twists in my own story caused me to embrace my creative lunacies a bit deeper.

Some of my personal written stories are about struggles with mental health issues. They combine reflections and journeys around the world. I am bipolar, a suicide survivor, and a passive-aggressive advocate for finding one's own right answers. I write because I know that my head will implode if I do not speak out loud. 

 In 2019, I decided to try and find my answers elsewhere by travelling through the Middle East and parts of Africa.  Experiencing the world has allowed me to gain new perspectives on life and reconnecting with life. This does not mean that I have detached from my intimacy with death, but seeing and learning about the world has certainly opened my eyes.

My stories are not always coherent. My visuals are not always beautiful. But, if anything, all I want to do is open at least one person's eyes to taking risks when nothing is working at home.