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Photo by: Jackie Dives

I am Robyn. I am a wandering writer and semi-photographer based between Tbilisi and Mexico City. I mostly write about culture, mental health and gender issues.  My core skill sets combine researching complex subjects, data analysis and storytelling.


Before I pivoted into journalism, I worked in Finance and Tech as a project manager and consultant for over a decade. I am MBA educated, and I also have degrees in applied mathematics and journalism. Two years ago, I decided I wanted to write. My goal is to tell emotional human stories that matter. I am also interested in media innovation, and how technology can bridge gaps in news-making and storytelling. 

For the past few years, my reporting has focussed on issues in Afghanistan, Mexico and Ukraine. I have been privileged enough to write for the New York Times, Washington Post, and TIME Magazine, among others. 


I don't often write about myself, but when I do, it's about my struggles with mental health issues. They combine reflections and journeys around the world. I am bipolar, a suicide survivor, and a passive-aggressive advocate for finding one's own right answers. I write because I know that my head will implode if I do not speak out loud. 

My stories are not always coherent. My visuals are not always beautiful. But, if anything, all I want to do is open at least one person's eyes to taking risks when nothing is working at home.

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