I am Robyn, and I am from Canada. I am an aimless wanderer, and semi pen-to-paper and visual storyteller.


For the longest time, I was a bit soulless and vanilla. I could even say that I was idealistic and happy; but, none of that matters really anymore as twists in my chapter caused me to embrace my creative lunacies a bit deeper.

At the end of the day, my stories are about my struggles with mental health issues. They are reflections and they are journeys. I am bipolar, a suicide survivor, and a passive aggressive advocate for finding one's own right answers. I write because I know that my head will implode if I do not speak out loud. I believe that every person with a mental health issue - recognized or not - should project his or her voice as loud as possible.

In my struggles so far, I have written about my love-hate relationship with upswings, depression, social anxiety and suicidal ideations. So far, I have been non-responsive to most existing treatments, and I have attempted to take my own life multiple times. So, in 2019, I decided to try and find my answers elsewhere by travelling in the Middle East and parts of Africa. At the very core of this decision, I wanted to see the good and bad sides of humanity, and experiencing the world has allowed me to gain new perspectives on life and reconnecting with life. This does not mean that I have detached from my intimacy with death, but seeing and learning about the world has certainly opened my eyes.

I am not better completely, but this journey has given me a sense of clarity and strength that I think was numbed by all the conventional treatments I had received at home. None of the stories I write are all that coherent. None of the visuals I produce are all that beautiful. But, if anything, all I want to do is open at least one person's eyes to taking risks when nothing is working at home.